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Make a complaint: spam, telemarketing or fax marketing


How to make a complaint about telemarketing

You can complain about telemarketing or fax marketing on the Do Not Call Register website or by calling 1300 792 958.

How to make a complaint about spam

When can you make a spam complaint?

You can complain if you think the spam rules have been broken. For example, if a commercial email or SMS:

  • was sent to you without your permission
  • does not include the name of the sender
  • does not include a way to contact the sender
  • does not include a way for you to stop getting the messages

What does the ACMA do with my complaint?

All complaints are important to the ACMA and are logged in our complaint and investigation database. This information helps us to identify potentially serious, ongoing and wide-spread issues and take action when necessary.

After we review a complaint, the ACMA generally deals directly with the businesses involved about their obligations. Where there is evidence that the issues are serious, ongoing or wide-spread, the ACMA may investigate.

What information should you give

Please provide a copy of the message content in the form. We will ask for your details, a summary of your complaint, and information about whether you have given permission to receive messages. We will also ask for your permission to contact the sender. This information helps us to identify industry trends and compliance issues.

If you make a complaint, we might contact you if we need more information. You can also choose to make an anonymous complaint. However, we may not be able to take action if we can’t contact you or provide some of your details to the business concerned.

Spam information reports

You can also directly forward messages to our spam intelligence database—these informal reports provide useful information about spam trends and potential compliance issues.

A report provides the ACMA with the actual message, but not any of the additional information we ask for in a complaint, such as whether you have a relationship with the business. In some instances, the ACMA may contact you to request further information about a report.

A spam report is not a complaint. It is a quick and easy way for you to give information about spam activity to the ACMA. If you wish to make a complaint, please use the links at the top of the page.

To report spam to the ACMA:

  • Forward the SMS or MMS message to 0429 999 888. You will be billed the standard rate charged by your provider for sending an SMS.
  • Forward the email spam to When forwarding an email, don’t change the subject line or add additional text. You should receive an auto-response to your email.

If your complaint is about a mobile premium service or charges you have received for text messages, please see the ACMA’s information about mobile premium services.

How we handle your complaint

The ACMA’s privacy policy sets out how we collect, manage and protect personal information, including information collected in complaints. You can contact the ACMA Customer Service Centre if you have an enquiry about this policy.

The ACMA’s client service charter sets out how the ACMA seeks to serve you, what you can expect when you contact us, and how we can help serve you better.

If you are not happy with the way your complaint has been handled, you can contact the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Remember, making a complaint or report about spam will not stop you from receiving further unwanted messages. It is not a stop or unsubscribe facility.

Last updated: 05 March 2019