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Review of the ACMA


On 12 June 2015, the then Minister for Communications announced that the Department of Communications and the Arts would conduct a wide-ranging review into the governance, functions, objectives, structure, performance and efficiency of the ACMA. The review was supported by a Reference Group of Australian and international communications and regulatory experts.

The purpose of the review was to examine the objectives, functions, structure, governance and resource base of the ACMA to ensure it remains fit-for-purpose for both the contemporary and future communications regulatory environment.

The Department of Communications and the Arts released an issues paper in July 2015 and a draft report in May 2016 for public comment. The ACMA provided a response to the questions raised in the Department’s issues paper (Word 2.5 MBPDF 2 MB).

Read the ACMA’s response to the Department’s draft report (PDF 1 MB).

On 22 May 2017, the Australian Government released the final report of the ACMA review and its response. The government supports, or supports in principle, all 27 of the recommendations of the review.

Implementation of the recommendations is underway.

For more information about the review, visit the Department of Communications and the Arts website.

Progress on recommendations

To read about progress on the recommendations of the review visit the Department of Communications and the Arts website.


Response to recommendation 6

The ACMA provided the Report on industry self-regulation of commercial electronic messages, the Do Not Call Register and the Integrated Public Number Database to the Minister for Communications and the Arts on Recommendation 6, on 16 May 2018. 

Read the ACMA report (PDF, 505 KB) and the accompanying media release.

Last updated: 16 August 2016