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Online application process

The ACMA uses an online recruitment system which you will need to use to apply for any vacancies you are interested in.  Details of how to make an application are detailed in the sections below.

Before preparing your application, please take time to study the advert and the position profile (which includes the duties and selection criteria) to ensure you are familiar with what is required of the role and can tailor your application accordingly.  This will ensure the best chance of success in being considered for the position you are interested in.

Please have a look at the wealth of information on our website to find out more about the ACMA organisation.   Please feel free to talk to the relevant contact person as detailed on the position profile if you have any questions about the role, the organisation in general or what is required of you.

Registering with the ACMA

To register, click on 'Start new application', and then follow the prompts:

  • you must enter your full name, email address and desired password
  • the system will then assign you a logon id, which you should retain along with your password.

Your logon id and password allows you to access your application at any time throughout the process. You can also:

  • make changes to personal details once you have submitted an application
  • access previous applications you have submitted
  • apply for new jobs listed with the ACMA.

If you have already registered with the ACMA and have a logon id and password and you want to apply for a new job, you must click 'Access existing application'.

If you have forgotten your logon id and password, you can enter your e-mail address and the system will email your logon id and password to you.

Closing date

It is essential that you submit your application before the closing date. Selection panels are not obliged to accept late applications. If you are unable to submit your application by the closing date, you should discuss your circumstances with the contact person to find out if a late application will be accepted.

Your application

As part of your online application you will be required to complete an online application form and upload your resume.  It is likely that you will also be required to demonstrate your suitability against specified selection criteria or submit a response to one or more screening questions. 

If you are required to submit information with regards to selection criteria or screening questions, please take the time to explain the relevance of your abilities, experience, qualifications and personal qualities. When you prepare these statements, concentrate on the quality of your information, not the quantity.

The STAR model is a simple technique that you may wish to use when addressing and presenting selection criteria, in a logical, clear and concise way:

S—What was the SITUATION? Detail a previous situation where you have demonstrated relevant skills, knowledge or ability.

T—What were the TASKS involved? What were the tasks that demonstrated your skills, knowledge and ability?

A—What ACTION was necessary and taken? How did these demonstrate your skills, knowledge and ability?

R—What RESULTED from the action taken?

When using the STAR method think about:

  • results
  • outcomes
  • impact
  • achievements
  • targets
  • indicators
  • testimonials.

What happens to your application

When you submit an application:

  • Firstly you will receive a response via email, advising that your application has been received
  • if you are selected for interview or further assessment, you will be contacted to make the necessary arrangements
  • if you are unsuccessful in being selected for an interview or further assessment, you will be contacted by email
  • if you are successful following the assessment, you will be contacted to discuss the offer of employment which will be followed up in writing
  • if you are unsuccessful following the assessment, you will be notified by email. 


In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998, the ACMA treats personal information as confidential. The personal information is collected to manage recruitment processes as required by the Public Service Act 1999.

Your personal information will not be disclosed unless the law permits it or where your consent is given.

While the ACMA provides a secure environment, you should be aware there are inherent risks associated with the transmission of information via the Internet.

Further assistance

If you require further information about the position you are applying for, please contact the contact person named in the position profile.

If you require assistance with your online application or have questions about the system, please contact Careers.

Last updated: 11 March 2019