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Employment eligibility

As part of the Australian Public Service (APS), there are some restrictions and conditions which relate to candidates making an application for a position or positions within the ACMA. 


Unless the job advertisement specifies otherwise, all applicants for ongoing (permanent) vacancies must be Australian citizens. Applicants for non-ongoing (temporary) vacancies are not required to be Australian citizens but must have a legal right to work in Australia.

Security and background checks

New employees are required to undergo an Australian Federal Police National Police Check as a condition of their employment. This is to ensure you are considered a fit and proper person for APS employment. Where possible, the required check will be undertaken before commencement of employment. 

Across the ACMA, there are positions which require a security clearance. The position profile will identify any need for a security clearance and the required level of clearance. 

You can read further information about security clearances at the ACMA.


All new ongoing employees are subject to a probation period. The probationary period enables your supervisor to assess your suitability for continued employment in the ACMA at the prescribed level.


Former staff of any APS agency or the Australian Parliamentary Service are excluded from employment with the ACMA until the redundancy benefit period resulting from any redundancy payment received from that employer has expired.

Your particular exclusion period is linked to the level of redundancy benefit you have received. Further information regarding exclusion periods is provided on the APSC website.

Health clearance

All new employees are required to meet the standard of health and physical fitness necessary to efficiently perform their duties. New employees are required to complete a Health Declaration and may be required to undergo a medical check.

Academic/professional qualifications

Any claims you make with regard to academic and/or professional qualifications must be capable of being verified with the relevant institution. False claims could lead to withdrawal of an offer of employment or disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment.

Last updated: 11 March 2019