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Legislation - labelling notices

The first step to product compliance is to identify the applicable labelling notice that a product falls under:

Steps to compliance

1. Identify the applicable labelling notice

2. Identify the applicable technical standards (prescribed in the relevant labelling notice) and the testing requirements

3. Demonstrate product compliance
4. Complete a Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and maintain compliance records
5. Register as a ‘responsible supplier’
6. Label the product

The ACMA regulatory framework for products supplied to the Australian market includes regulatory arrangements covering:

  • telecommunications customer equipment (CE) and customer cabling (CC)
  • radiocommunications devices
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of electrical and electronic devices, vehicles and devices with internal combustion engines
  • electromagnetic energy (EME) from radio transmitters

Each of the four regulatory arrangements incorporates a legislative instrument, referred to as a labelling notice. The labelling notices identify the applicable technical standards and testing, record-keeping and labelling requirements for products supplied into Australia. A supplier should consult the relevant labelling notice/s to identify the requirements that apply to each product that is being supplied in Australia. A supplier must ensure a product complies with all applicable requirements before supplying that product to the Australian market.

What are the labelling notices and what do they relate to?

Labelling notices are available through the ComLaw website:

Next step:

Identify the applicable technical standard/s and appropriate testing.

Last updated: 19 January 2018