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400 MHz band technical info

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400 MHz Plan

The 400 MHz Plan sets out planning arrangements for radiocommunications services in the two bands 403–430 MHz and 450–520 MHz (known collectively as the 400 MHz band). The plan advises the service allocations in the two bands, and specifies the segment frequency limits applicable to these allocations and the channelling arrangements within these segments.

Current spatial boundaries

Current spatial boundaries for transitional areas and spectrum density areas are available in a format suitable for use in Geographical Information System (GIS) software.

Frequency assignment documents

In addition to the 400 MHz Plan, there are a number of frequency assignment documents relevant to the 400 MHz band. The key documents are RALIs LM8, FX16 and FX17.

Spectrum embargoes

Spectrum embargoes are an administrative tool used to facilitate orderly spectrum planning. A number of spectrum embargoes are applicable to the 400 MHz band; for example, embargoes 19, 45, 50, 51, 53 and 60.

Changing your licence

You can update your licence with the assistance of an Accredited person. A list of accredited persons and their contact details is available at


An accredited person will issue a frequency assignment certificate (FAC), which is then submitted to the ACMA for allocation in order to comply with 400 MHz implementation requirements.

Alternatively, the licence can be varied by the ACMA. The applicant needs to complete one of the relevant application forms (Land Mobile or Fixed) available under  Spectrum forms.

Submit your application to the ACMA’s 400 MHz implementation team by:

Mail: 400 MHz implementation team
PO Box 78
Belconnen ACT 2616
Email: 400mhzimplementation@acma.gov.au
Fax: (02) 6219 5347

Online Licensing tool

The ACMA has developed an online licensing tool that will advise you of your transition requirements.

Exceptions to transition deadlines

We’ve produced a guideline to outline the circumstances under which we’ll consider exceptions to the transition deadlines. To apply for an exception, you must complete application form R208 and email it to 400MHzimplementation@acma.gov.au.

If an exception is granted, the relevant licence will be renewed for a fixed time period only.

Download the exception guidelines here: Word

Download Form R208 here: Word / PDF

Download Supplementary information—larger systems and networks (form R208): Excel

Spectrum use government segments HDA/MDA/100km boundary areas

Use of harmonised government spectrum (HGS) in high and medium density areas and the 100km buffer zones in Australia has been tabulated. This information is indicative and may be used to determine availability of spectrum.

HSG data: Excel (6MB)

Last updated: 08 November 2017