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Milestones two & three

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Milestone one progressed well in densely populated areas, finishing at the end of 2013, and is currently rolling out in other areas. The new focus for users of the 400 MHz band is now milestones two and three.

Milestone two involves changes in 450–470 MHz, including adopting a 10 MHz duplex frequency split, along with implementing measures to reduce congestion (for example, bandwidth reduction). Movement of services in or out of harmonised government spectrum is also one of the milestone two requirements that may apply to you.

Milestone three refers to the relocation of services in or out of government, rail and non-government spectrum, as appropriate. 

Meeting the 400 MHz band milestone requirements could also be achieved outside of 450–470 MHz; for example:

  • 470–490 MHz—made available for relocating services
  • 490–518 MHz—spectrum is generally available
  • 440–450 MHz—available as a temporary solution
  • 148–174 MHz—VHF high band.

If you need more information on your licences, use the 400 MHz search tool here or contact us.

Milestone two and three exception policy

The ACMA has released a guideline for exceptions to milestones two and three. The guideline provides information on the circumstances and factors under which the ACMA, in exceptional circumstances, will make a temporary exception to 400 MHz Plan milestone two and three requirements. The ACMA continues to be firmly committed to the 400 MHz Plan but recognises that some licensees may face circumstances that mean they cannot make the required changes in the milestone time frames.

Milestone two involves changes to a 10 MHz duplex frequency split, bandwidth reduction and government spectrum harmonisation within the 450–470 MHz range. Milestone three refers to changes associated with the relocation of services into appropriate government, rail and non-government spectrum in the rest of the band.

The guideline 400 MHz transition—Guideline for exceptions to transition milestones two and three is available here.

Monitoring milestone two and three

The ACMA is monitoring progress towards the milestones. The graphs on this page relate to milestone two and three requirements in High Density Areas (HDA), Medium Density Areas (MDA) and within the 100 km boundaries.

The graphs below shows the variation in the quantity of licences affected by milestone two and three requirements over the past few months. The number of licences is listed for the different types of licensees. Licensees can be classified as either government, non-government or rail.

Overall-compliance-MS-2-status jpg

Overall-compliance-MS-3-status jpg


The below graphs shows the quantity of licences that are affected by milestone 2 and 3 requirements in each jurisdiction.



Please note, Area wide services are not included in the above statistics.

400MHz raw data extraction (XLSX)

If you need more information on your licences, use the 400 MHz search tool or contact us.  


Last updated: 13 April 2016