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Technical framework 2.5 GHz Mid-band

This page contains documents and other information relevant to the technical framework for spectrum licensing in the 2.5GHz Mid-band. Detailed information on spectrum licensing is available in the document Know your obligations (Spectrum Licensing): Word or PDF.

Band-specific documents



Section 145 Determination

Radiocommunications (Unacceptable Levels of Interference – 2.5 GHz Mid-band Gap) Determination 2012

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines

Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Managing Interference from Transmitters - 2.5 GHz Mid-band Gap) 2012


Radiocommunications Advisory Guidelines (Managing Interference to Receivers - 2.5 GHz Mid-band Gap) 2012

Current licence holders

Licence not currently issued

Marketing Plan

Radiocommunications Spectrum Conversion Plan (2.5 GHz Mid-band Gap) 2012

General Information and resources

Document Links
Know your obligations (Spectrum Licensing) Word or PDF

Spectrum Licensing Technical Frameworks – Information Paper

PDF (984 kB)
DOC (1.5MB)

Details on Interference Impact Certificates (IICs)

Radiocommunications (subsection 145(3) Certificates) Determination 2012

Trading rules for spectrum licences

Radiocommunications (Trading Rules for Spectrum Licences) Determination 2012

Online tool for HCIS-to-Placemark conversion

Australian Spectrum Map Grid – Shapefiles

ASMG 2012 GDA94 (zipped shapefile)
ASMG 2012 AGD66 (zipped shapefile

Australian Spectrum Map Grid – Illustration

Word (961 kb)

PDF (749 kb)

Last updated: 24 May 2018