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Resources for accredited persons

The documents on this page are for accredited persons. They include information on how to access and use the variety of online services the ACMA has for accredited persons, and channel reference data for land mobile services.

Online user guide

The following link contains further information about the ACMA Lodgment Facility (ALF) and Online forms for Accredited Persons. 

Spectra Dictionary of Terms and FAQs

This information is for APs using the SPECTRA system. It provides definitions of common terms and answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have suggestions for other questions you’d like answers to, let us know by emailing

Resources available for purchase

  1. A printed copy of the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan is available for purchase from the Customer Service Centre (mail to:

  2. An Adjacent Services Listing (ASL) and/or Frequency Scan Report relating to a particular assignment may be purchased for a charge specified in the Licensing Activities Charges section of the Apparatus Licence Fee Booklet.

  3. Data of assistance in issuing IICs is available by purchasing the Digital Elevation Model (RadDEM) CD ROM (ACMA form R135), incorporating the roads and towns mobile lists, the Spectrum Map Grid and software for calculating effective site height tables.

Free resources

Follow the links below to download these documents:

  1. Classified spectrum access data: Accredited persons cleared to 'secret' level may view classified spectrum access data free of charge at an ACMA Office. Hard copy of the data is not permitted to be taken from the office. Otherwise the ACMA will advise the accredited person if a particular channel is unavailable for assignment as part of normal licence application processing

  2. The Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan

  3. Band plans and a range of other documents relevant to assignment work

  4. All information papers, current spectrum embargoes and all Radiocommunications Assignment and Licensing Instructions (RALIs) relevant to frequency assigning.

5.    Business operating procedures relevant to frequency assigning

Accredited persons may also access and download the latest Radiocommunications Licence Data  after acknowledging the Licence

Last updated: 17 December 2012