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Australian spectrum management legislation

This article is taken from the ACMA's Five-year Spectrum Outlook 2013-2017, published in September 2013. 

The Five-year spectrum outlook 2013–2017  is available for download as an e-mag, PDF and word document here. The Table of contents and links to individual sections of the report are available here.

2.2 Legislation for Australian spectrum management

The ACMA is responsible for managing the radiofrequency spectrum in accordance with section 9 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority Act 2005 (the ACMA Act) and the Act.

The Act sets out the objectives the ACMA must consider in undertaking this task as well as the regulatory tools that are available to it, including frequency planning, licensing, making standards and overseeing compliance with licence conditions to avoid interference with other spectrum users.

The object of the Act is to provide for management of the radiofrequency spectrum in order to:
> maximise, by ensuring the efficient allocation and use of the spectrum, the overall public benefit derived from using the radiofrequency spectrum
> make adequate provision of the spectrum:
> for use by agencies involved in the defence or national security of Australia, law enforcement or the provision of emergency services
> for use by other public or community services
> provide a responsive and flexible approach to meeting the needs of users of the spectrum
> encourage the use of efficient radiocommunication technologies so that a wide range of services of an adequate quality can be provided
> provide an efficient, equitable and transparent system of charging for the use of spectrum, taking account of the value of both commercial and non-commercial use of spectrum
> support the communications policy objectives of the Australian Government
> provide a regulatory environment that maximises opportunities for the Australian communications industry in domestic and international markets
> promote Australia’s interests concerning international agreements, treaties and conventions relating to radiocommunications or the radiofrequency spectrum.

    Last updated: 15 February 2019