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LED lights & TV Interference

It is possible that some models of LED light globes may cause interference to television and digital radio reception. Such interference may consist of a sudden loss of signal or picture quality in a residence or neighbouring residence(s) where LED lights are installed.

Such interference is most likely to occur during evening hours when light globes are most likely to be in use. 

Try this simple test before looking at adjusting or replacing your antenna.

Switch your LED lights off while viewing the affected television channel. If your television signal   immediately returns to normal this will provide a very strong indication of whether the LED globe(s) is the source of the interference.

Keep in mind that the source of the interference may be in a neighbouring house so check with your neighbours as well.

If it appears that the globes are the problem, you may consider returning them to the place of purchase or contact the manufacturer directly

Please note that LED lights will not affect cable television reception. This means that if you have cable TV and LED globes, you may be inadvertently causing interference in properties nearby.

There are other causes for signal loss such as faulty antenna, cabling or damaged antennas. If the cause of interference is unlikely LED lights, you may need to seek assistance from a local antenna installer to resolve your reception problem. 

Last updated: 10 February 2019