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Changes to ABC transmission in Hobart

Changes to ABC transmission

Tune in to better ABC reception

Great news! If you live in North Hobart, Mt Stuart, New Town or the Lenah Valley, you can now get improved coverage of the ABC. This is because Broadcast Australia has finished rebuilding the ABC’s VHF television antenna on Mt Wellington.

What’s happening?

Currently in these locations, you can watch ABC services on both the old UHF channel (channel 33), as well the improved VHF television channel (channel 8).
However, the old UHF channel will be switched off on 8 May 2018. This means that if your TV is not currently tuned to the new VHF channel, you’ll need to retune your TV to channel 8, on or before 8 May.

Retuning your TV

You can either:

  • act now and do a manual retune—you can manually retune your TV before the 8 May to the new VHF channel (you may want to follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual), or
  • wait till 8 May and do an auto-tune—after the old UHF channel is switched off, you can simply complete an auto-tune and the new VHF channel will come up.

The table below shows the frequencies for the old and new ABC transmissions.

OLD ABC channel—closes 8 May 2018 
Frequency (MHz): 564.5
Channel: 33
Improved VHF channel for the ABC—available now
Frequency (MHz): 191.5
Channel: 8

Want to know more?

Further information about TV reception is available from the ACMA's TV reception hub.

Last updated: 16 April 2018