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Advertising on children's TV: Complaints

If you think something shown during or around a ‘C’ or ‘P’ program does not meet the Children’s Television Standards on commercial free to air television, you can complain directly to the ACMA.

Tell us the channel you saw it on, the time/date you saw it, and why you don’t think it meets the Children’s Television Standards.

A copy of the standards which sets out the child protections during or around ‘C’ or ‘P’ classified programs can be found at:

  • Children’s Television Standards 2009 – substantive obligations effective from 1 January 2010

  • Children’s Television Standards 2009 - Explanatory Statement

  • Guide to the Children’s Television Standards 2009 - Word or PDF

Complaints about matters related to advertisements which are covered by a code of practice must be made to the station concerned in the first instance. Complaints may be referred to the ACMA if the complainant is dissatisfied with the station’s response or if no response is received within 60 days.

Last updated: 26 June 2019