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Radio reception and interference

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Improving radio reception

The ACMA may offer technical advice, by telephone, to people who have applied for and received one of the publications, such as Better Television and Radio Reception, Interference from Citizens Band or Amateur Radio Transmitters or Audio Equipment to assist them diagnose their reception difficulties. A questionnaire (Request for Interference Investigation) is included in the Better Television and Radio Reception booklet which may be completed and returned to the ACMA. The ACMA will however, where the community is affected, investigate television/radio reception problems free of charge.

For information about how to reduce interference and improve reception, visit the Reception & interference page.

Out of area radio reception

What is out-of-area radio reception?

In areas of inadequate reception of commercial or community radio services within a licence area, permission may be given by the ACMA to licensees outside the licence area, to provide their services to the area not receiving adequate reception.

View the commercial and community licence areas for radio services in Australia.

Who can apply?

Commercial and community radio licensees may seek permission from the Authority to broadcast their radio services outside of their licence areas. The licensees need to satisfy that a person/s in another licence area is not receiving adequate reception of a commercial or community radio service.

What do I need to do?

  1. To be eligible to broadcast a commercial or community radio service from outside the existing licence area, the applicant broadcaster must complete the ACMA B58 out of area form.
  2. Under the Out of Area guidelines, the ACMA is required to notify the licensee within the existing licence area of any applications received relevant to their licence area and to allow the licensee 28 days to register any objections to the Authority for granting permission to the applicant broadcaster.
  3. If the application is successful, the ACMA will notify the applicant broadcaster in writing. The applicant broadcasters will be provided with an apparatus licence authorising transmissions of their service into the other licence area.

How long will the ACMA take to grant permission?

Processing time for applications is usually 8 to 12 weeks. The ACMA will assess the ACMA B58 application as soon as it is received from the broadcasters.

Further information can also be obtained by contacting us.

Last updated: 13 October 2016