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Resolving radio & television interference FAQ

  1. How does the ACMA help with television or radio interference?The ACMA publishes brochures and may offer technical advice, by telephone, to people who have applied for and received these brochures. Information on the digital TV switchover is also available.

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  2. How can I make a complaint of television or radio interference?Correction of the problem is usually within the control of the complainant. The ACMA may provide information or advice on diagnosing the television/radio reception difficulties.

The ACMA looks at each case based on its merits and may investigate television/radio interference in certain circumstances. Some examples of the criteria might be as followed:

  1. Is the interference external and not within your control

  2. Have you had a technician diagnose the problem

  3. Does the interference occur frequently and is the duration long enough to enable the ACMA to locate the source

  4. Have you completed and lodged the appropriate form

  5. Have you attached supporting documents e.g. spectrum plots, recordings and photographs.

  6. RISK assessment.

The ACMA may investigate television/radio interference problems.

What is the procedure for resolving interference to my telephone?

  1. Complaints about interference to a telephone supplied by a service provider should be directed to your service provider (for example, Telstra or Optus).

  2. Complaints about interference to a telephone recently purchased should be directed to the telephone manufacturer or the place of purchase.  

Last updated: 17 December 2012