Are you buying a wireless mic? | ACMA

Are you buying a wireless mic?

Since 1 January 2015, wireless audio transmitters can no longer be operated in the 694–820 MHz frequency range.

When deciding what wireless mic to buy, remember to: 

  • Confirm it doesn’t operate in the 694–820 MHz frequency range.
  • Choose a frequency range that is available in the area in which you plan to use it. Enter your address of where you plan to use your wireless mic in our channel finder to find out what frequency options you have. Read our fact sheets to get a high-level understanding of what frequencies are available on an area-by-area basis. Additional information about alternative frequency ranges is also available.
  • Contact your supplier for advice about the suitability of equipment for your needs (including whether it can be used in Australia) and where you intend to use it. 

Last updated: 08 May 2014