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Protect yourself from unwanted telemarketing

The Do Not Call Register is a free service where you can register your home, mobile and fax numbers, to reduce unwanted telemarketing.

Once your number has been on the register for 30 days, telemarketers must not call you unless they obtain your permission (consent).

How to register on the Do Not Call Register

Putting your name on the Do Not Call Register is like putting a do not disturb sign on your phone. It’s fast, free and confidential to register your number. Go to or call 1300 792 958.

Once your number is on the register, telemarketers shouldn’t call you unless they have your permission, or are exempt.

Will I still get calls?

It’s important to know that some telemarketing calls are exempt, which means you can still get some calls. Telemarketing calls from government bodies, registered charities, educational institutions (to current or former students), registered political parties, members of parliament and candidates for election are exempt. This means calls can still be made even when your number is on the register.

Telemarketing and research callers must also obey strict rules about when calls can be made, when they must be ended, and what information must be provided to you. These rules apply in all cases—even if you are not on the register or whether the calls are exempt.

You can find out more about telemarketing, fax marketing and research call rules at

Last updated: 25 March 2019