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Non-commercial wireless LANs

Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are used by:

  • companies in workplaces to connect devices such as personal computers and personal digital assistants
  • hotels and airports to provide wireless internet connection for their customers
  • internet service providers to deliver the internet to customers, often in a rural or regional area
  • community groups to connect members to the internet.

An exempt WLAN network is one used for the sole purpose of supplying carriage services on a non-commercial basis. The owner of an exempt network is not required to hold a carrier licence.

Characteristics of a non-commercial network

The following points may assist you in identifying whether a WLAN network is non-commercial.

  • no reward, monetary or otherwise, has been given in relation to the use of the network
  • the network is not being used by a company for business purposes
  • there are no contractual arrangements between the parties involved in the use of the network
  • the network is not used for profit making purposes
  • an Australian business number (ABN) is not used in connection with the operation of the network unit

If you have any doubts about the need to have a carrier licence, you should contact the ACMA.

Last updated: 24 May 2018