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Switching your internet service

Keen to switch your internet service provider? Well we’re here to help.

Before making the switch, you need to confirm that you’re the authorised customer. This is the person whose name is on the internet service account and has authorisation to make changes to internet service agreements. You may need to confirm your authorisation in written or electronic form or over the phone verbally.

It’s important to understand that if you bundle your internet service with a telephone and would like to keep your existing internet number (known as ‘porting’)—you must not cancel or disconnect your current service. Instead you will need to go through a transfer process.

Current service agreement

The next thing you should look at is your current service agreement:

  • contract expiration date
  • early termination fees
  • access charges
  • disconnection charges and any other possible fees.

New service agreement

Then it’s onto a potentially new service agreement. Consider the following: 

  • terms and conditions of both contracts
  • connection charges
  • monthly or periodic access fees
  • performance of the internet service
  • frequency of bill
  • transferring any phone numbers (known as ‘porting’).

When thinking about signing a fixed term contract, you should read it carefully and make sure you understand the terms and conditions involved so you can make an informed decision.

You should also think about what your internet usage is likely to be—and choose the most suitable plan or contract for your needs.

For more information on comparing offers, see our critical information summary page.

Giving consent

When you are comfortable and satisfied that the new service agreement will meet your needs—the internet service provider will need to supply you with:  

  • details of the internet service being transferred
  • indication of when the transfer will occur—including any delays due to a cooling-off period
  • outline of possible service interruptions during transfer
  • details of the new service provider 
  • possible penalties or cancellation fees to be paid to the existing provider
  • equipment terms and conditions
  • equipment compatibility
  • confirmation of new customer contract.

After you have carefully read this information, you must then give your consent to acknowledge agreement of the new service agreements terms and conditions.

Your new service provider must make a reasonable effort (within five working days) to notify you when the transfer is complete.

Keeping your phone number

Internet services are often bundled with a telephone number for voice services. To keep your telephone number, you must go through a transfer process, otherwise known as ‘porting’.

Make sure you don’t cancel or disconnect your existing service as if you do, you won’t be able to port your existing number.

The following fees may apply when porting your number from one service provider to another:

  • outstanding calls and internet charges (existing service provider)
  • early termination fees (existing service provider)
  • porting (either charged by existing or new service provider)

Your existing provider cannot refuse or delay your request to move your number to a new provider because of any outstanding debt.

For more information, see our pages: Keeping your number.

Switching to the NBN

If you live in an area that is ready to connect to the National Broadband Network, you can elect to transfer to the NBN with your current internet provider.

Your service provider should be able to help you understand the process, such as entering into a new contract for the NBN service. Alternatively, can also consider other service providers that could provide you with an NBN service.

Last updated: 06 December 2018