Remaking the Telecommunications IPND Scheme

Consultation closes: 31 January 2017

IFC: 37/2016

Online consultation


The ACMA received seven submissions to this consultation—these can be accessed from the right hand side index box.


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Consultation paper:
Remaking the Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database Scheme 2007

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Draft IPND Scheme 2017

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The ACMA is consulting on a proposal to remake the Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database Scheme 2007 (IPND Scheme). The IPND Scheme will automatically sunset on 1 April 2017, unless it is remade before then.

The ACMA proposes to remake the IPND Scheme with some changes to facilitate industry management of access to the IPND in limited circumstances, and other changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the scheme.

The key changes proposed are:

  • Allowing the ACMA to grant an authorisation to a research entity (a researcher who is a person or a research body) on an ongoing basis or for a finite period. This would be subject to the research entity meeting certain requirements, including conducting a privacy impact assessment. The current IPND Scheme only provides for an individual researcher to apply for an authorisation to access the IPND on a project-by-project basis.
  • Facilitating greater industry management of access to IPND data in limited circumstances. This would be achieved by enabling the ACMA to grant a research body an authorisation to disclose de-identified IPND data (listed number and geographic information not below postcode level) to its members to conduct permitted research, provided certain requirements are met. The de-identification of IPND data reduces privacy risks.

Under the proposed changes, individual researchers would continue to have the option of applying directly to the ACMA for authorisation.

The rules for access to IPND data will not change for public number directory publishers, whose authorisations are granted on an ongoing basis.

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The ACMA invites comments on any issues relevant to the draft Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database Scheme 2017.

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