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30 July, 2015 02:48 PM


Be on guard online, says new report

By Editor

The ACMA welcomes the release of the first Australian Cyber Security Centre Threat Report. It provides a comprehensive review of the range of cyber threats experienced by Australian internet users in 2014, many of which have continued to the current date.

While the main focus of the report is on the threat posed to organisations through cybersecurity breaches, the report makes it clear that home internet users also need to be vigilant.

The report states that: ‘In 2014, malware, including ransomware, was the predominant cybercrime threat in Australia’. Some statistics are cited on malware compromises and information on malware types reported through the ACMA’s Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI). These statistics are updated daily and available here, including a list of the top five AISI malware types currently observed on Australian networks.

The ACMA recommends that all Australian internet users need to be vigilant in minimising the risk of experiencing malware infections and taking appropriate steps to remove an infection once this has occurred. Failing to do so not only causes potential harm to the infected user as well as other internet users, as infected devices often disseminate malware, spam and undertake other malicious activities on the Internet.

Advice on the preventive and remediation action to address malware infections is available on the government’s Stay Smart Online website. The Australian Signals Directorate’s Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions are also an excellent source of advice on how to improve the security of networks, with many of the strategies also relevant to home internet users.

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