2017 radio investigations

The table below contains details of the ACMA's 2017 radio investigations and investigation reports. Details of radio investigations in other years are available on this page. Details of ACMA television investigations are available on this page.

Date finalised Service type Investigation number / Report Station / licensee Program or issue Description Outcome
21 February 2017  Commercial radio BI-264  2GB/Harbour Radio Pty Limited  The Chris Smith Show Accuracy – comments made about climate change  No breach of code 2.2 [accuracy] of the Commercial Radio Australia Codes of Practice 2013 

20 January 2017

Commercial radio


2GZ FM / Radio 2GZ Pty Ltd

The Ray Hadley Morning Show

Election advertising – broadcast during the election blackout period

No breach of subclause 3A(2) [broadcast of election advertisements] or paragraph 8(1)(i) [comply with clause 3A] of Schedule 2 to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992

9 January 2017

Community Radio



Licence condition matter 

Encouraging participation in operations.

Breach of paragraph 9(2)(c)(i) of Schedule 2 [encouraging participation] of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992

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