CommsDay Congress 2015 | ACMA

CommsDay Congress 2015


Speech by Chris Chapman
Chair, Australian Communications and Media Authority

Melbourne, 14 October 2015

As many of you will know, I am now in my tenth, and last, year as Chairman of the ACMA and in fact this will be the last CommsDay event I will address in that capacity. So it is hopefully understandable if today I share some reflections with you.

So I’ll start with some observations about the current ACMA review. I will then move to some update comments on how the ACMA has been delivering on its day-job, including a look at recent products from our research activities, red-tape reduction contributions, our ICT transformation program, benefits of the Reconnecting the Customer Inquiry informed TCP code and current ACMA compliance and enforcement activities in that space, an update on our work in international forums, our support of the Spectrum Review Report (the ‘other’ ACMA review), and other recent spectrum-related work. I will then conclude my remarks with my thoughts on the nature of the regulatory task in disruptive times such as ours, with some special attention to the Internet of Things (or IoT).

So, firstly, let me start with the obvious: that is, the current review of the ACMA by the Department of Communications and the Arts, advised by a panel of external experts. I want to directly address the existence of the review. As we have since its inception, we genuinely welcome it.

At one level this review is not exceptional—as you will no doubt be aware, the Government has been keen to progress ‘root and branch’ considerations of all Departments and Agencies, to ensure that they are achieving their outcomes and doing so in the most effective and efficient manner as possible. In this respect, my own personal perspective is that the ACMA’s record over the last decade has been essentially without material blemish. The facts essentially speak for themselves: that the ACMA has delivered a diverse and accomplished decade of work.

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