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In November 2015, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) completed its review of arrangements in the radiofrequency band 803–960 MHz and will now move into an implementation phase. The decision paper, The ACMA’s long-term strategy for the 803–960 MHz band  (Word 2.4 Mb) contains a range of decisions on reforms to the 803–960 MHz band, as well as a detailed plan for the implementation of these reforms.

Decisions that have been made in this paper include:

  • identification of additional spectrum for mobile broadband
  • identification of new spectrum to support low power
  • low duty cycle communications (including smart infrastructure)
  • new frequency arrangements for the trunked land mobile service (TLMS)
  • new frequency arrangements for single and two-frequency fixed links and a consolidation of sub-service types and licensing and assignment instructions to simplify access to these services
  • a general ‘defragmentation’ of the 800 MHz band to improve overall efficiency.  

The following reforms, which were canvassed in previous consultation on the review, will be pursued in parallel to the implementation plan set out this this paper: 

  • the reconfiguration of the 900 MHz ‘GSM band’
  • allocation of the 850 MHz expansion band and a 1 MHz downshift of the 850 MHz spectrum licensed segment.

See the media release, Spectrum reform of the 803–960 MHz band.

Previous discussion papers and submissions 

Paper  Release date Submissions
The 900 MHz band—Exploring new opportunities 5/11 63 submissions
The 803–960 MHz band—Exploring options for future change  10/12 27 submissions

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Last updated: 16 June 2016

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