Gambling complaint form

To make a complaint about internet gambling content, you must be:

  • a person who resides in Australia; or
  • a body corporate that carries on activities in Australia; or
  • the Commonwealth, a State or a Territory.

To ensure the ACMA can investigate your complaint, you must set out:

  • the internet address of the internet gambling content, and any other details required to access it; and
  • a description of the internet gambling service.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint to the ACMA using the ACMA’s online complaint form. You may also submit your complaint via email at, and by post/fax to:

Manager, Diversity, Localism and Accessibility Section

Australian Communications and Media Authority

PO BOX Q500 Queen Victoria Building NSW 1230

Tel: 1300 850115

Fax: (02) 9334 7799

You are able to remain anonymous when you complain to the ACMA if you wish.

The ACMA's jurisdiction and role under the IGA does not include taking action on behalf of Australians who have deposited money with gambling sites. This means the ACMA is not able to assist you with recouping money from internet gambling services.

If you have experienced an issue recovering money from an internet gambling service, you may wish to seek independent legal advice or consider making a complaint to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. You may also find some of the resources listed here useful.



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