Staying safe online

Are you malware aware?

In 2012, the ACMA commissioned a national research report to examine Australians’ awareness of possible threats from malware (malicious software), the use of protections against harmful software, and views on whose responsibility it is to protect computers against malware.

Stop malware! Source: ACMA, Malware and harmful software—Consumer views on software threats and use of protections, September 2013. The ACMA operates the Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) to help alert internet service providers about malware and viruses on their customers’ computers. So, fortify your defences.
It’s easy to secure your computer and protect yourself from malware:
1. Install security software and update it regularly
2. Turn on automatic updates so all your software receives the latest fixes
3. Set strong passwords But we’re not properly armed
18%—Nearly one-fifth of Aussie internet users don’t have sufficient protective software on their home computer
10%—1.46 million users have none at all
8%—1.12 million users don’t regularly update their software 
We’re on the front line
88% of us give personal or financial info online.
What we do online:
Pay bills—73%
Share details on social networks—63% acma logo Stop the malware invasion! Malware (malicious software) is used by online criminals to steal personal or financial information from your computer. But a whopping 49% of us* don’t believe we’ll ever be a victim.

Last updated: 03 February 2016

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